The fulfillment of our obligations is based on the following principles and values:


All activities carried MOVITIERRA CONSTRUCCIONES S.A. to fulfill its main purpose are based on the value of honesty so that the relationships they have with the State, customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders are clear and never have any questioning that call into question the practice of this principle.


Efficiency is a value that being maximized, increases productivity being this condition for the continuation and growth of the company.  MOVITIERRA CONSTRUCCIONES S.A. should ensure the continuation of this principle to implement fully the obligations it has with its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.


Only profitable companies can grow and ensure its permanence, for this reason MOVITIERRA CONSTRUCCIONES S.A. must be a profitable company to meet its commitments to its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the State.


The biggest asset of the Company is represented by all people working together to achieve a single objective. Therefore, this group of employees should receive better treatment tan their human condition requires and respect is absolutely necessary for professional development, confidence, participation in decision making and the recognition of the work will result in the achievement of results of company.


To fully develop its corporate objective, MOVITIERRA CONSTRUCCIONES S.A. interact with their partners, suppliers, customers, shareholders and the State, and they are all part of a gear when operating synchronously carries the company meet the goals and objectives.

The fulfilment of all the commitments made to people who are part of a process generates confidence and security needed to work over time.

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